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Therefore, in this article we are going to try to explain everything you should know if you have thought about buying a neutral router, which is the name given to commercial routers that do not belong to operators. We will start by talking about the reasons why you might want to buy a neutral router, and then we will mention the main features that you can find in them.
As we will explain below, the steps of the procedure to perform this neutral router configuration may change depending on each manufacturer or model. We have used a humble TP-Link TL-WR940N, since we can not put a step by step for each model and we have opted for an economic one. But whatever options may be different, most of the general steps should be the same for the vast majority of routers.
But before we get into it, why would you want to buy a neutral router? When you sign up for your fiber optics, your carrier usually gives you a router. Or at least lend it to you, because if you terminate your contract with them you usually have to return it to them so they don’t charge you for it. For most users these routers are sufficient, but there can always be cases in which they fall short, since in the end they are not usually very powerful routers.

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In this case we have used a Movistar router to convert it to a wifi repeater, but you can more or less follow the same steps to configure a Vodafone, Orange or Jazztel router, just change the password to access the configuration and some names in the sections.
If you only have one router you will need to buy another one, as this article is about configuring a second router as an access point or wifi repeater, for example here you have a TP-Link baráto router, which is very popular and has a great user rating.
The first thing to do is to reset the router, to do this we put a paper clip inside the reset hole for 10 seconds. Then we turn off the router and then connect it to our PC, using an ethernet cable. Once connected we turn on the router and wait for all the lights to come on.
We go to the section “DHCP Configuration” and we deactivate the option where it says “STATUS”, this deactivates the automatic assignment of IP address, it makes that we always use the one that we have put before, the, as you will see later this is important to do it.

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Madrid, 26 de junio de 2020 – Telefónica ha iniciado el despliegue del Amplificador Smart WiFi 6, un nuevo dispositivo único en el mercado que incorpora la nueva tecnología WiFi 6 (la última generación de WiFi) y que supone un paso más dentro del Hogar Digital y la conectividad inteligente de Telefónica. Este dispositivo llegará comercialmente a España en el último trimestre del año.
El nuevo dispositivo de la familia Movistar Smart WiFi ofrece las mejores prestaciones y experiencia de usuario en conectividad inalámbrica gracias al uso de la última tecnología WiFi disponible en el mercado y a su configuración de 12 antenas internas.
El Amplificador Smart WiFi 6 puede funcionar tanto como punto de acceso, para crear una red WiFi 6 en todo el hogar que sustituya la señal WiFi del router existente, o como repetidor, extendiendo la conectividad WiFi del usuario a nuevas zonas del hogar.
Asimismo, el nuevo dispositivo cuenta con una conectividad aún más inteligente e incorpora mecanismos que facilitan la configuración y el uso de Movistar WiFi. Así, por defecto, crea una única red WiFi con el mismo nombre para todas las redes del hogar, tanto en 2,4GHz como en WiFi+ 5GHz. Por otro lado, conectado como punto de acceso al Smart WiFi Router (HGU) de Movistar, replica automáticamente su configuración, manteniendo el nombre y la contraseña de nuestro anterior WiFi, facilitando así la conexión de todos los dispositivos del cliente. Basta con conectarlo al HGU y encenderlo.

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